What we do

We support women, children and youth to reach their full potential

Yarredi provides a range of services that aim to support and empower clients. These services include;


Support is not dependent upon accommodation, and workers will work with clients in safe locations suitable to the client.

Domestic violence counselling

Case workers are skilled and experienced in counselling for domestic violence, and Indigenous family violence.

Accommodation options

Case workers will assist with accommodation options that are available.


Much importance is also placed on the needs of children who have witnessed/experienced domestic violence. Support is provided to mothers, and/or children may be referred to the Children’s Wellbeing Program.


A range of supports are offered, including emotional and practical supports such as transport, and use of facilities.


Yarredi workers are familiar working within the systems that exist in our communities, and can assist with ‘navigation’ through these, and speak up for clients if their ‘voices’ are not being heard.

'Gateway' and referal services

Yarredi provides an entry point into a range of homelessness services. Referrals to other appropriate or complementary services or agencies will be a supported and ‘seamless’ process.


Clients are empowered through the provision of a range of information to enable them to make informed decisions.

What we do
for business

Yarredi can provide confidential information and support to employees, and assist with training or building policies and procedures to enable promotion of safe workplaces and business structures. This can include, for example, ensuring advertising material challenges messaging that promotes violence in our community.

Decreased Productivity

Decreased productivity and loss of employee work time through sick leave, can impact greatly upon your business or organisation. Research undertaken by Keys Young (2004) it was shown that the cost of domestic violence to the Australian community was $8.1billion. By 2009 the estimate had risen to $13.66billion pa.

Support People

You can support people who experience this trauma by providing information in the workplace including posters on services available, implementing policies, and offering support if you observe any signs that all is not well at home. Printed information, information sessions, and policy planning are available to your workplace by contacting the Executive Officer.


Printed information can be tailored to your workplace needs if appropriate.